Wedding planner & designer


Your special day

Weddings are the moment everyone dreams of, during which the bride and groom would like to see their wishes fulfilled in a fantastic setting. There are only two words that everyone would like to put next to their wedding: unique and unforgettable. I know how important it is to deeply understand the requests in order to realize them with creativity and to surprise with taste, that’s why I identify original and unprecedented solutions, created specifically for the occasion, in the knowledge that everything can be transformed: location, arrangements, banqueting, sometimes a light, a small element or even simply a carefully chosen color is enough to make a room or a centerpiece something wonderful, different but fascinating. As a wedding planner, I pay the utmost attention to the scenic aspect and develop ideas to always arrive at highly personalized proposals that impress with their authenticity. I critically select suppliers and industry professionals so that the solutions and productions are always the best for my clients. Little matter the amount or the budget, there is always a way to embellish, even with little, every single aspect. On the day of the wedding, I am there to make sure everything is as thought out and organized and to deal with any kind of unforeseen or last-minute needs.

Attention to detail is my superpower

Nice to meet you, I’m Eleonora Voci. I love to bring an elegant and unique touch to every event with creativity, empathy and a touch of magic. I listen to my bride and groom’s needs in order to meet their every wish and realize a memorable event together.


Sit down, have a cup of tea, and let’s design your event in every detail to make a fabulous party.


I will be by your side every step of the way, carefully and thoughtfully coordinating every aspect of your dream event.

Event day

This is it: the excitement is through the roof, the heart is pounding… You just enjoy your special day. Everything else, I take care of.

The service includes.

Knowledge consultation where we will listen to your needs and ideas.
Assistance in finding suppliers. Through our continuous work we will be able to recommend the right vendors for your needs and budget.
Budget management. We guarantee excellent management of your economic resources.
Assistance (if welcome) during menu rehearsals.
Creation of the event time line. Every single moment of the day is planned so that the event can run smoothly and unexpectedly.
Searching for the perfect location based on the number of guests and mood of the event.
Assistance with each vendor during the planning phase of the event. Each meeting will be conducted in our presence and we will provide support.
Supervision of the work done by the vendors involved both at the planning stage and during the wedding day.
Assisting guests during the wedding day.

Make the dream reality