Event coordinator


Live your dream without stress

Have you already scheduled your vendors and want to have peace of mind that everything will be done the way you’ve always wanted? Event coordination service is what you need! It caters to couples who have secured all the necessary vendors to carry out the event but who have the need for a professional figure to manage them with absolute security and peace of mind. Endless unforeseen events can happen during the wedding day, and having a professional who specializes in problem solving can make things significantly less stressful.

Attention to detail is my superpower

Nice to meet you, I’m Eleonora Voci. I love to bring an elegant and unique touch to every event with creativity, empathy and a touch of magic. I listen to my bride and groom’s needs in order to meet their every wish and realize a memorable event together.


Sit down, have a cup of tea, and let’s design your event in every detail to make a fabulous party.


I will be by your side every step of the way, carefully and thoughtfully coordinating every aspect of your dream event.

Event day

This is it: the excitement is through the roof, the heart is pounding… You just enjoy your special day. Everything else, I take care of.

The service includes.

Briefing with the couple before the event where contracts and quotes from each vendor are consulted in detail.
Communication with each vendor involved before the event Supervision over the work done by each vendor on the day of the event
Creation of an event time line. Time management is one of the key aspects of successful time management.
Coordination of the wedding march
Location survey before the event. It is important to know the spaces allocated to each dynamic of the event. Logistical and other considerations, previously underestimated, may arise during this phase.
Supervision over the work done by each vendor on the day of the event
Placement of wedding bags, guest gifts and other materials.
Guest management

Make the dream reality