The wedding is the moment that everyone dreams of, during which the spouses would like to see their wishes fulfilled in a fantastic setting. There are only two words that each of us would like to add to one’s wedding: unique and unforgettable. I know how important it is to understand the requests to realize them with creativity and to surprise with taste, for this individual original and unprecedented solutions, created specifically for the occasion, in the awareness that everything can be transformed: location, fittings, banqueting, sometimes just a light, a small element or even a carefully chosen color to make a room or centerpiece something wonderful, different but fascinating. As a wedding planner, I pay the utmost attention to the scenographic aspect and develop ideas to always arrive at highly personalized proposals, which amaze for their authenticity. I select suppliers and professionals in the sector critically so that the solutions and productions are always the best for my customers. No matter the quantity or the budget, there is always a way to embellish, even with little, every single aspect. The wedding day I am present to make sure everything is as thought and organized and to deal with any kind of unexpected or last minute need.