For me, organizing an event means first of all creating a strong and defined identity and this is precisely the starting point from which I develop every organizational aspect. Everything stems from an idea and grows around a common thread that must emerge from the colors, shapes and details. I always try to find new perspectives to give different shades to spaces and objects: sometimes it takes little to make even the most obvious of details original. It is with this philosophy that I interpret the needs of my customers, listening carefully to the requests and their desires. The organizational part is based on an in-depth and accurate study of the different stages of the event: starting from the mood and the main concept, the decline in set-ups, banqueting and the different services, according to the main guidelines. I have a deep passion for the manipulation of materials, it fascinates me a lot to transform the elements and give them different functions, perhaps unexpected but which always surprise for taste and imagination. This is why I like to express my creativity in the first person, working hard until the result exactly reflects what I thought and designed. Attention to detail is the first demonstration of my reliability, my goal never stops at creating an event just like my clients have imagined it: it is only when the limit of what is expected is exceeded event becomes unique, inimitable and above all unforgettable.